The world has kind of lost its mind and I'm not doing so hot either in terms of mental health. My last two drafts of posts for this blog were basically crazy-sounding rants that I never published, if I recall correctly (I'm not going to reread them to check the accuracy of that statment -- I know at least one sounded pretty out there).

I saw a discussion on Twitter yesterday with some folks talking about how sometimes they are okay with being in quarantine and sometimes they are just losing their marbles and today was more the latter than the former. One comment said something about the full moon or eclipse over the weekend and said "their astrologer friend" said that was the issue.

I actually believe in astrology -- somewhat loosely in that I believe we began looking up at the skies because we noticed connections between events in the sky and events here on earth. We noticed that the moon's phases correlate to stronger tides and things like that.

The Farmer's Almanac still lists moon phases as pertinent information for farmers and gardeners to know.

While I think astrology is not, per se, just crazeh talk, but I think most astrology is BS. So I don't really think the full moon or eclipse this past weekend is The Issue.

But I bit my tongue and didn't say anything because I figure what I do think is the issue would get me pegged as the crazy persone.

I think yesterday was the 48 Hour Rule for a lot of people following the end of fireworks, which went on for days and days this year thanks to lockdown and people having bad cabin fever and what not. People just went wild on any excuse.

I'm doing my best to lay low, avoid trouble and so forth. On the upside, I think the pandemic, unemployment and general stress helped spur the protests against racial violence in this country. People are angry, frustrated, have time on their hands, and nothing to lose by taking a stand instead of looking the other way like they usually would.

But the same climate of frustration and so forth can be a force for trouble too. It's absolutely not guaranteed that it will be turned to positive and constructive use.

Socially, the wrold is a powder keg just waiting for some excuse to serve as the match to set it off. Few people are in any position to try to be a calming force.

I am trying to figure out how to write constructively, in spite of the stress I am under. I'm not sure I'm actually succeeding.