It is midnight. Technically, that makes it the wee hours of Monday, the thirteenth.

My brain still counts this as late on the night of Sunday, the twelfth.

So when I say "today," I mean Sunday.

Today was the 48 hour rule on all kinds of drama to the absolute max. I previously mentioned on this blog that I and one son each lost a chunk of tooth on Friday. That's always significant health drama.

But more happened that day that I didn't write about. In fact, I forgot all about it until we were discussing why on earth we were all having such a rough day today.

The same day that two of us each lost a chunk of tooth, the bathroom got cleaned and the plunger got thrown out, along with the dust-and-mold-covered toilet paper holder. This was all major, major stuff because of the mold problem this unit had when we moved in that we have been gradually getting under control.

The toilet used to grow black mold like something out of Poltergeist and my son would throw up after cleaning it. Black mold does stuff to your mind and mood and is just terrible for your health. There is less mold generally in the bathroom and apartment, but these two contaminated items going at the same time, on top of other things happening that day, is a real big deal.

I'm tired, which is a step up from how exhausted I have been all day. This really stomped my ass into the ground. It stomped all three of us. We did "lunch" after 5pm and I woke my son up to make him order pizza. He was still asleep at 5pm.

As noted on this blog yesterday, I changed my twitter bio yesterday to signal that I'm a big fat nobody. Today, after reading about how they expect upwards of 20 million people to end up homeless in the next few months, I changed it again:
The US needs solutions. The govt & wealthy aren't providing them. I am still blogging (etc) and hoping my small candle in the dark becomes a bon fire.
I'm too tired to do a lot of explaining. Suffice it to say this is kind of a "sound mind in a sound body" thing.

In spite of how tired I still am and not fully recovered from Friday's drama, after weeks of being defensive and raw and oversensitive and yelling at people via blog to give me space and don't tread on me and so forth, I feel ready to say "Oh, fuck all y'all lying rich people who imagine you will -- SOMEDAY!!!!!, but never fucking TODAY!!! -- do something for me. I'm ready to roll my sleeves up and get to work on my terms."

I guess it is up to the universe to decide if my tiny little candle grows into something more or gets snuffed out. Not my problem.