Hair Removal

My oldest son has been reading up on trypanosomas, which is the parasitic infection we think we have and are mostly over at this point after more than two decades of suffering. We believe it is trypanasomas that cause hair to be such a problem for us.

He's been talking about new revelations about what they do the blood and the brain and blah blah blah. We think coronavirus helped kill off most of the remaining trypanosomas in our systems and we have overall been more functional since we seem to have had coronavirus back in like March or something.

Two days ago, my youngest son shaved his face -- where he had a fairly full beard at the time -- and much of his head. So this would likely include hair that existed before we had coronavirus kill off much of our remaining infection.

Today would be the 48 hour rule on that and I probably slept at least twelve hours. I'm so amazingly tired. However much I slept, IT WAS NOT ENOUGH.

I am blogging, which is something, but I would rather be doing paid freelance writing and I probably can't and I just want to SCREAM. I am so tired of this shit.

If I could just do paid freelance writing more consistently, I could make my life work. This is torture and I hate everything.

Whoever is in charge of this universe is an asshole. An Asshole, I tell ya.