Had a cup of coffee

Yesterdatm I bought a Starbuck's frappuccino from the grocery store when I went and picked up a pizza in the evening. I guzzled the coffee before my son managed to put a slice of pizza on my plate.

My best understanding is that the eye pain is hexavalent chromium coming out of my brain/tissues and coffee has a track record of helping to flush that garbage from my system. I also ate the second orange when we did pizza.

So I've stopped hurting, but I remain amazingly exhausted and I'm getting nothing done and it's not doing good things for my head space. It leaves me very frustrated and feeling helpless.

The coffee helped resolve the worst of my symptoms. So far, the eye pain has not returned, but I went ahead and bought more oranges today to try to head off more drama from the coffee flushing stuff from my system.

I'm physically exhausted. I'm not getting paid freelance work done. I have, no doubt, lost those articles I was working on -- though, to be honest, I haven't actually looked yet and sometimes misremember deadlines.

I'm grasping at straws, trying to come up with some kind of reassurance that things will somehow be okay. The closest I can come is to tell myself that the strong reaction we all had to the debit card going bodes well for me being stronger and more productive once we are recovered from it going.

My oldest son made a number of good arguments, reminding me of some of the positive impacts we have had on the area we live and telling me, convincingly, that the pandemic and what not haven't been a local disaster at least in part because of our presence here.

The last time I spoke with the Chief of Police, he indicated his department was still giving out my flyers. I don't have a direct way to measure the impact on the homeless issues here, but I do have some kind of confirmation that the information is getting out there for locals interested in resolving their issues and willing to bootstrap it instead of standing their with their hand out, waiting for the world to rescue them.