Evil Sky Explosions

It's the Fourth of July. God, how I hate it.

This year, I'm hanging out on Twitter where I have a fair number of Native/Indigenous accounts in my timeline and I'm seeing their political reasons for hating it. I hate it for the fireworks because the sulfur does bad things to me.

My dad was part Cherokee and was career military. My ex was also. I have mixed feelings about seeing so much hositlity towards the Fourth of July, the government and the military, but if they cancelled the fireworks forever, I would be happy with that. They always make me awful sick.

I'm already feeling awful for various reason and they started the fireworkds early this year. That's not just my subjective impression. I've seen stuff online that says the same thing: After months under lockdown, people are going a bit wild with the fireworks and began doing so well ahead of the fourth.

My son has thrown up today. I envy him. I haven't. I would likely feel better if I had.

I woke up with eye pain, which I don't normally get anymore. I asked him to get me an orange to help with that. It helped, but not enough.

It's just after 8pm. I've had two oranges today. My eyes still don't feel right and the pain is not entirely gone.