After Midnight

So I slept bunches for like three days and, then, on Friday night, I was up all night. This is a pretty standard pattern for me that insomnia follows sleeping a lot.

I put the time to good use and ended up with enough money to eat all weekend. Yay.

I went to sleep about dawn for a short period. Maybe an hour or two, but I don't really know how long.

By then, I had eye pain and pressure and the usual host of symptoms that go with it, like nausea and my face not feelings right. As far as I know, this is hexavalent chromium coming out of my system.

I had a coffee and an orange like in the afternoon that day (Saturday) and more coffee Sunday morning. I had a second orange about 11pm Sunday night (so about an hour and a half ago, something like that).

I have no idea how much I slept Saturday night. Sunday was a more or less wasted day.

I went and got a few groceries and a hot pizza around 11 am and that's like my one and only accomplishment for the day. I've played games and dicked around on the internet and did a whole lot of nothing, basically.

I'm trying to be kind to myself and patient with the process and blah blah blah. Patience is not one of my virtues and never has been.

I have been wanting to write this blog post for hours, as well as some other stuff, and failing to get to it. I'm just too exhausted, having been up all night on Friday and still recovering from whatever the hell biological process has had my sleep so deranged here lately.