After the Evil Sky Explosions

I hate sulfur. I feel all allergicky. Ugh.

That's what fireworks are full of: Sulfur.

I have been Behaving and not looking for random BS excuses to drone on about accident claims I have paid. I can't think specifically of a fireworks one, but some guy was packing ammo with like four times the legal limit of alcohol in his system and maimed himself.

Yeah. People are amazingly stupid.

The mask gestapo tweets continue unabated. I especially hate the ones that talk about ventilators or that testify "I had it and you don't want these kinds of respiratory problems!!! Wear a mask!!!!"

I had it too and I likely have a more serious respiratory condition than you have and it wasn't that hard on the lungs. It apparently does worse things to your blood and this is why ventilators aren't working and we are seeing crazy high death rates on ventilators.

But, hey, don't confuse people with the facts. Another reason to remain on hiatus on Hacker News. I was given so much shit for making a few sane, calm points by crazeh, hysterical people claiming science was on their side -- by which they likely meant 'I have a penis, bitch! Get back in the kitchen where you womenz belong!"

If I make points about my condition, it gets dismissed as "anecdotal" all the freaking time. When some rabid person crowing about their anecdotal experience of "I survived Covid-19!" wants to advocate for a thing the majority want to believe in like some kind of lucky charm that will magically save people, hey, totes cool with all the supposedly "sciency" people.

Give me a break.

Also read some tweet by some jerk talking about the "ineffective, chronic cough is how it is spread" or something like that. Yeah, when I had it, I took multiple showers per day and did lung clearance every time and did not go around coughing on people. So I don't need a mask to protect other people, you jerks, because I know effective procedures and I'm not some asshole who runs around coughing on people.

Does anyone want to listen to anything I say? Naaaah. STFU, Doreen. You can't possibly know anything medically useful. You're a former homemaker.

/rant I guess. I guess the rant tells you how I'm feeling. Allergicky due to sulfur is not a happy place.