Technically, it's the wee hours of Friday. Good, god, I'm screwed up. I thought it would be the wee hours of Saturday morning.

So, Thursay I slept on and off until about 6:30 pm or so. It may not have been that much sleep. It may have been like ten hours of sleep because I didn't sleep much during the night.

Friday, I slept until about 11am or something and we miraculously have had a few bucks and we were expecting to do pizza this morning, but everyone conked out. I got up before noon and actually worked a bit on an article for the first time in ages, basically.

I stalled out, work-wise, later in the day which is making me crazy. And then I napped some later in the day.

It was like 5:30pm roughly when we finally got around to doing pizza. We never got around to picking up more sodas today and it's okay because we haven't been drinking much. We are mostly out of snacks at this point, but we still have a bit of soda left.

And we have been talking about a notable day early in our homeless adventures. We were in Alabama and we dropped my Aflac ID in a mail box, walked for maybe an hour and had pizza somewhere and walked for maybe another hour and then we were all "Ugh. Let's stop and take a break and continue on later. We are suddenly exhausted."

We didn't even have drinks on us. We had two bananas to split between three people for hydration and we stayed put for like 22 hours. We slept a lot and it was cold that night -- 30 degrees, so it was literally freezing -- but we had big blankets at that point and we were fine on temperature.

It is a long-standing pattern that we routinely reminisce about pertinent health stuff. So, in other words, it's really common for us to talk about when they had chicken pox only to realize later we are purging chicken pox.

So my son has suggested we are so exhausted and talking about that day my Aflac ID went because my debit card was recently replaced and it was shockingly gross.

The day the Aflac ID went, I dreamed of metallic spiders. I think modern tech actively fosters new and weird microbes that are problematic, doubly so if you are in generally poor health.

That day was a really epic day and our exhaustion the last two days has been noteworthy and epic as well.

I'm extremely stressed out about how things are going, so I think yesterday my oldest son ran through some of the things that are going right in our lives to try to calm me down. One of the things that came out of that conversation is that we are mostly living on pizza right now, which has a lot to do with logistical issues related to the pandemic, but we are tolerating pizza almost every day for lunch surprisingly well.

In the past, that has quickly proven to be too much yeast, too much wheat and too much tomato. One of my sons is especially prone to being too yeasty and I am especially prone to reacting badly to tomato sauce if I eat it too regularly.

I don't really have conclusions. We don't seem sick, just really tired. But the degree of tiredness is strange and we've talked about it a fair bit today and I felt it was worth writing about. I may want to revisit this again for my own edification.