Toilet Repaired

As I begin writing, it is 9:52am. Mainenance has just left my unit.

As much as I would like this blog to be "only" about physical health stuff, and not about "my life" or "my mental health," the reality is there is no nice, neat way to separate those three things. So it is with trepidation that I begin a post that I would have felt sort of okay about posting to my personal blog, which I have done away with in part to discipline myself to post more regularly to my many neglected topical blogs, like this one.

Friday night was a head fuck. The chain came off in the toilet tank and I couldn't get it back on. Wrestling with for many minutes revealed that the source of the leak in our bathroom is that the toilet tank leaks when flushed. I got $20 via PayPal last night and then my debit card wouldn't work, so I couldn't spend it.

The chip in my card stopped working yesterday, but I was able to run the mag strip earlier in the day to spend my last $3 or so. In the evening, I couldn't get the card to work at all.

I have just called my bank to get a replacement card. I asked them to please rush order it and wave the fee on rushing it because they closed their bank branch here last year, so I can't go to a teller to access my funds. The minute they order you a new card, the old one stops working entirely. So now there is no hope of accessing the $20 in my bank account until I have the new card.

On the upside, while I was going down the hall this morning to use one of the shared bathrooms in the building, I saw that maintenance and management were in the building even though it's Saturday. So that's why maintenance was just in my unit: I was able to tell them my toilet wasn't flushing and they came and promptly remedied that and then also replaced some part because my toilet tank had a leak.

Then they brought in a mop to mop up the puddle on the bathroom floor, which I didn't object to because I didn't have another solution and it was a substantial puddle. But an old mop like that is a contamination problem for us. The toilet part being replaced will lead to health drama as well.

We sprayed all the wet surfaces with peroxide after they left. It isn't a full remedy to the contamination issue, but it will help.

I was going to buy paper clips last night as a temporary fix for the toilet chain. Maintenance coming and handling this means I don't have to do that. That saves me a couple of bucks, though at the moment I can't access any funds at all.

My sons are encouraging me to call the bank back to try to bump my credit limit a little. My credit card still works, it's just maxed out.

If I got an influx of sufficient funds to pay towards the credit card to cover the interest and free up some of my credit line, I could spend money via my credit card. But the $20 currently in my bank account doesn't achieve that result.

But that would have to magically happen today because payments made on Sunday don't show until Monday. So if I magically got money tomorrow, I still wouldn't have access to funds before Monday at the earliest.

Which starts feeling like a fucking plot: No, you can't have access to any money before X time and date for some reason, EVEN IF YOU GET MONEY.

So it's possible that I will have no access to any funds until like Tuesday, no matter what I do. Hopefully, the new card gets here Monday. I'm also doing a little work to try to come up with a paycheck for Monday.

But with maintenance being here unexpectedly on a Saturday and dealing with my toilet issue, I'm feeling less like my life is coming completely and suddenly unraveled and is unfixable. I didn't expect to have any hope of the toilet being fixed before Monday.

The voices in my head that so often drive me crazy have been mercifully quiet since I cussed at them via a now redacted blog post some time yesterday. Last night, this wasn't reassuring because it had me wondering if people are plotting against me and not cluing me.

But it was sweet relief to not feel harassed and to feel like my mind belongs to me again for the first time in several years. So far today, the voices haven't come back full force. Maybe this will be a trend.

However, the next 48 hours (minimum) will be hell to pay because of the work done on the toilet this morning. Hopefully, it is less hell to pay than when they replaced the entire toilet in a nearby unit earlier this month.