More Dental Crap

So I set up the phone so the Walmart gift card was readily available and I let my son know I did that and that if he felt like going to pick up lunch from Walmart around 10am, feel free to wake me up. And then I went to bed about 8am.

And I woke up on my own and was using the toilet when he came back in the door with lunch about two hours or so later. And my world was vibrating.

I asked them what on earth would make my world vibrate and they suggested inner ear issues. I was like "Oh. That actually makes sense."

I have a long history of ear issues. I have a zillion sinus infections and double ear infections and relatively few lung infections. It's part of why I lived as long as I did before getting a diagnosis.

So I ate and the world began vibrating less, which susggests it's me and not the building because me eating shouldn't cause an earthquake or some shit to settle down. So it's probably me that eating helped some.

When I was done eating, I could feel a sharp edge on one my few remaining back molars and I was super upset. I probably lost -- and swallowed -- part of that tooth while we had lunch. So I am likely to have hellacious diarrhea for the next two days because of that.

I was initially extremely upset because I keep losing teeth, something I've been wamting to write about for the past couple of weeks or something and I've been too sick. But I looked at it in the bathroom and it's a tooth with a fairly large mercury filling.

And it's like "That bleeping tooth is more than welcome to fall the heck out and reduce how much mercury poisoning I have." So now I'm less upset, thought the gap on the front of the tooth is visible and I'm sure the next two days will be baaad.

I talked once with a guy with a PhD in Biology and one of the things I asked him about is my idea that people with CF misprocess metals. I think we are more prone than average to metal poisoning, so I think all my dental fillings really wracked me up, healthwise.

And he was able to say that, based on what the CFTR does (the defective cell channel that is the root cause of all CF symptoms), that's a not entirely nutty suggestion. The CFTR channel should impact how the body processes metals.

Back when I was on CF lists, I looked up some of the names of some of the infections that kill people with CF that don't normally make humans sick and I'm an environmental studies major. A lot of these are microbes used for bioremediation of petrochemical spills.

In other words, these are bugs that eat petroleum. And they also eat people with CF.

My inference: People with CF must be hanging onto certain chemicals and turning into toxic sludge pools until we seem tasty to bugs that scientists use to eat oil spills out on the ocean.

So I avoid soft plastics that off gas and I don't drive anymore. I think my body soaks that stuff up and it is rare for me to set foot in a gas station since I gave up driving, so that's a primary reason I don't plan to ever drive again: My body is spongey, as evidenced by the extreme aquagenic wrinkling people with CF are prone to, and I soak up gasoline fumes and plastic residues and the like.

I'm just a helluva lot better off since I gave up my car. I just feel so much better and my son had terrible diarrhea and slept for up to 18 hours a day for two or three weeks when I stopped driving and he had been largely housebound and only went somewhere about once a month before that. He wasn't even going in the car very much. So he was reacting to me being less exposed to the car.

Anyway, TLDR, the tooth with the filling is welcome to commence falling the fuck out. I shall make my peace with having one less tooth. Whatever. I will probably feel a lot better once it's gone.