June 2, 2020

I've kept a personal blog for a lot of years. Over the past few days, I merged my personal blog and my professional blog into one professional space.

I don't know if I will eventually relent and set up a new personal blog, but I'm going to try doing without one for now. My personal blog served a variety of constructive purposes, one of which was to track some of my health stuff.

Over the years, having a written record about health events has proven extremely useful. I am disinclined to stop making notes about important health events.

For now, I am going to try redirecting that element of my personal blog to this very neglected blog. Maybe that will help me hammer out how to effectively develop this space.

So the background on my sudden decision to merge those two sites is that maybe six or seven days ago, I bought a new pair of shoes and threw my old ones out. The old ones had survived a pandemic and I'm confident me and both sons had Covid-19, though we were never tested.

We reacted more strongly to the shoes going than we had expected, even though we expected it to be pretty bad. When I was mostly recovered from that, I spontaneously began merging my personal and professional blogs into one site.

I'm pretty sure Covid-19 helped kill off most of the parasitic infection I have been battling for like nearly 28 years or something. My energy is up. My mind is clearer.

So I'm suddenly being more productive and that will likely continue. Though I did derp and make the wrong site private when I was merging my two sites.

Someone messaged me about that and I was able to fix it. Then I had this huge anxiety attack over the whole thing, then realized it had to be biologically based and my stupid mistake wasn't really why I was wrapped around the axle. It was just a thing to focus my anxiety on.

I spent two days merging those two sites and then kind of crashed mildly. I spent a day or so unable to get my act together again to write this blog post or do other things I had in mind.

But I'm also starting to do things like take my phone with me and take photos of my small town while I'm out and about. This is a thing I have wanted to do since not long after I got here and could never pull it off.

I don't feel like I'm adequately capturing what a big deal that is in terms of "Hey, I have energy and mental focus and I get to Have A Life now!" Those really ordinary sorts of activities were just completely out of reach for years and years while I battled for my life and I just don't have the words to express what a very big deal this is to me.