I hate the masks people are using in this pandemic

The crisis isn't entirely over, but it's looking a damn sight better than yesterday. Someone paypalled me $80 and my son was all "We can make a payment on the credit card now and have $25 available (after covering the interest charge that has me over my limit)!" and I was like "Or we can try getting Walmart gift cards online and have all that money available if it works, some of it today." because if you make a credit card payment on Sunday, it doesn't credit until Monday and I've barely eaten here lately, good god.

I did check my promo emails last night. The local grocery store sometimes has freebies if you have a Reward Card with them and the freebie this weekend was 8 ounces of Swiss cheese.

I don't actually like Swiss cheese, but I went to pick it up because I had barely had anything all day and things were looking ugly. I showed up and an employee told me "We are out of that freebie item. We have been letting people substitute any flavor they want from that same brand of cheese."

So I got 8 ounces of Muenster, which is a cheese I actually like. I ate more than half of it, without drinks or anything. My sons declined to participate, so I had the package to myself.

I don't normally eat cheese by itself. I was surprised that I could eat that much cheese in one sitting without crackers to go with it or a drink or anything. Well, to be fair, it was more like two sittings.

We don't have a fridge, so the remaining cheese was thrown out when we did snacks and drinks with our last handful of pretzels and last two sodas around noon or whatever. The fact that I had cheese last night and drinks before money showed up meant I was up to making a Walmart run, though I made a list on my phone because I'm too fried to remember stuff.

I figure free cheese is a Tzeentchian plot. Tzeentch is a chaos god in some game my sons have played. Since the time we left Port Aransas when we were first homeless, we have joked that this is our patron deity.

"Plot" because cheese is mostly protein and fat and is probably acceptable on a keto diet, so named because it puts you into ketosis. In other words, your body burns fat instead of carbs -- like when you are starving.

So it probably gave me relief from fasting without actually interrupting the beneficial aspects of fasting, at least not too much.

While I was at Walmart spending my gift card, some ASSHOLE blew his nose next to me by lifting his mask to do so.

I hate these fucking masks. I hate them so fucking much. Dumb dipshits seem to think a mask is +2 against viruses in the game of Pandemic and they do all kinds of stupid shit that makes the masks worse than useless.

Food services workers are actually touching their face more when handling my food because the masks irritate them and they adjust them constantly, thereby touching their goddamned face.

We would be far better off if we just taught people to:
  • Stop blowing your goddamned nose in crowded public spaces. Go do that in the goddamned bathroom, at a minimum.
  • Stop coughing around other people. Period.
But, no, we just do this stupid consumer bullshit of wanting to buy a fucking solution, and never mind that it's not actually an effective solution and actively makes things worse when so many people have no idea how to actually use them.

My understanding is that masks can help when use them properly. Most people aren't using them properly, which is just making things worse.

I also had drama with my gift card, which I intend to write about on a different blog of mine at some point today. But for now I probably need to lay down.

We had work done on the toilet yesterday and I bought pants and changed my outfit today because of the nose blowing incident, so I'm all kinds of fucked up at the moment.

But we got lunch. I got batteries and pants and hand soap and snacks. I'm not going anywhere else today, in part because traffic is insane, Walmart was a mad house, self checkout was "card only, no cash, no cash back." We have two more sodas and some snacks and we are going to hunker down for the rest of the day and not go anywhere because things are crazy and I can't afford more drama.

I'm shaking. My oldest son, the one who also has CF, has said he may be throwing up some time today.

The plan is to get another $30 Walmart gift card and I should be able to get us lunch tomorrow from Walmart, even if I still don't have my debit card. My problems are starting to look a lot more middle classs where even potentially dire problems can be solved in relatively short order.

This is how life is supposed to fucking work in a healthy, functional society. Your life shouldn't be threatening to come completely unraveled in just a few days span because you are broke or can't access the funds you do have because your debit card is busted.