The inside of my shirt smells sour and skunk-like. This skunk-like smell is glutathione.
I will likely trash this shirt today. It's giving me a mild headache.

People with CF have too much glutathione inside their cells and too little on the outside of their cells. Some people with CF find it beneficial to do inhaled treatments (using NAC, if I recall correctly) to get more glutathione on the surface of their lungs.

My experience has been that as I successfully redress long-standing issues, I periodically dump glutathione. When I dump it, my armpits smell real sour and sometimes my bowel movements smell real sour.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant. I think people with CF hoard it within the cells of our bodies to try to mitigate the chemical derangement that is the root cause of our issues.

I think it's a desperate attempt to buffer the cell against horribly damaging chemical derangement.

We also hoard calcium inside our cells. Meanwhile, we are prone to osteoporosis and this can occur before adulthood.

The last time I was on a CF list, some people with CF were limiting calcium in their diet because apoptosis (cell death) is associated with very high levels of calcium in the cell. So they think the calcium is a problem.

I think calcium and glutathione are both used to buffer the cell against extreme acidity and other issues. I think high calcium in the cell is associated with apoptosis the way fire fighters are associated with fires.

Fire fighters aren't there setting the fires. You don't get rid of fires by going "I know! We shall get rid of all fire fighters and this will prevent buildings from burning down! God knows that you never see a building burn down in this town without those pesky firefighters hanging out around it."

So I think you make things worse when you restrict calcium intake. What you need to be doing instead is reducing the underlying chemical derangement, including
 the extreme acidity we are prone to.

Calcium is an alkaline mineral and we tend to be severely deficient in it. It works hand in glove with magnesium, another alkaline mineral we tend to be deficient in. 

You can't supplement glutathione by taking glutathione. The body can't use it directly. 

Instead, you have to take a glutathione precursor that the body can use to manufacture glutathione. Milk thistle is a glutathione precursor. 

Glutathione is important to liver function. I took milk thistle for probably a couple of years as liver support while also eliminating harsh chemicals from my home to ease the burden on my liver.

Some people don't tolerate milk thistle well. If you don't tolerate it well, you shouldn't take it.

There are other glutathione precursors out there. I just don't remember what they are off the top of my head.