I got divorced because it was clear that my husband agreed with the doctors that my genes were killing me. Like the asshole doctors, he also believed this relieved him of responsibility for proactively protecting my health. 

So it became crystal clear in my mind that if I stayed with him it was going to kill me and then he and everyone else would blame my genes instead of blaming him. So I left as the only hope I had for surviving at all.

For nearly a year, me and my teenaged sons shared a single room at my parent's house in Georgia, a place infamous for being hot and and humid. It was there that it became clear to use that cardboard gives off heat and attracts roaches.

There was a thermometer in the room. At first, we thought we were imagining it, but the thermometer consistently showed a five degree drop anytime we cleared out the cardboard.

It's from rot. It's indicative of germs. The germiness is part of why it attracts roaches.

So that became policy. When groceries came home, they got pulled out of their cardboard boxes and the boxes were trashed.

Then I got a corporate job and the three of us moved to a three bedroom, two bath apartment. I was working the night shift and got off at 11pm.

So we typically are dinner around midnight and then I would try to get to bed by 1am. 

One night, my son who also has CF was not feeling well and he couldn't sleep. The apartment was too hot and he concluded the trash was giving off heat.

We had eaten Cornish hen and the remains were in the trash. He ran the trash down and the apartment cooled off and he felt better. He was able to sleep.

That became policy. After dinner, the trash went out every night.

These days, we don't own a trash can. Trash gets removed from the house several times a day.

We will leave non germy trash, like candy wrappers, on the table, but germy trash gets gathered up and taken out promptly. Then we spritz with peroxide where trash bags temporarily hung while we ate.

The above is stuff you should be able to check for yourself. Try taking the trash out before bedtime and see if it makes a difference in things like your ability to sleep and your general health. Try keeping a journal if you don't trust your own observations. It's a pretty low risk thing to check. You don't need a FUCKING STUDY here, people. Geez.